Thesis Skins: Sleek, Professional Designs Without Paying a Fortune

Thesis skins empower you to quickly build incredible websites with Thesis and WordPress. For novice users still learning, Thesis skins provide unique design customizations and an affordable way to take your site to the next level.

Let’s face it, out of the box Thesis looks great but with over 32,000 copies sold, it’s so popular among professional and amateur bloggers alike, it’s hardly unique anymore. In fact it seems like every other WordPress site you come across these days is running on Thesis.

And for good reason.

Thesis has some powerful features that make it a smart choice for webmasters. But for folks who aren’t comfortable dipping into code, it can sometimes be frustrating to achieve a unique and professional look that separates your Thesis site from all the others. Plus hiring a web designer is expensive and will cost you anywhere from $750 – $1,500, or more, depending on what you need.

That’s where Thesis skins come in.

Thesis skins give you turn-key designs that provide a host of beautiful packaging for your content. In other words, you get a more unique and customized look on Thesis without touching a line of code or spending a fortune.

What is a Thesis skin?

A Thesis skin is an extension of the Thesis Theme Framework that is comprised of customized theme files. In other words, Thesis skins are downloadable files that you upload to your WordPress site with the click of your mouse.

With Thesis skins, the way your site looks can be instantly updated while the core Thesis files and functionality remain unchanged. That means radically changing the look of your site can happen in minutes without the need for a designer or developer to help you.

Featured Skins


Kickstarter is free skin that put the emphasis on content and conversion. It provides a de-cluttered look, a custom landing page and built in styling for email opt-in forms.

Check out Kickstarter.

Clip Cart

If you’re looking to add shopping cart functionality to Thesis then Clip Cart is the answer. Clip Cart takes the popular WordPress shopping cart plugin Cart66 and integrates it seamlessly into thesis giving you a beautiful shopping cart website.

Check out Clip Cart | View Demo

Line it Up

Line it Up is an excellent skin if you own a business, product or service and want to present it in a beautiful and strategic way. The custom homepage comes with a built in slider that allows you to showcase whatever you want whether it’s images, text, videos or a combination of each. It also comes in seven different colours and boasts a built in, custom landing page.

Check out Line It Up | View Demo

Marketer’s Delight

Marketer’s Delight is premium skin by Kolakube featuring two feature areas, a ‘products’ widget, and a widgetized footer. It also features three custom opt-in forms that you can customize.

Check out Marketer’s Delight.

Thesis Business

Thesis Business is a great skin if you have a business or sell a product or service and you want to present a custom homepage instead of your blog page. It comes with widgetized areas that you can use to highlight various offerings as well as sections for showcasing testimonials and your latest blog posts.

Check out Thesis Business.

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